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urban dictionary fun : t's not about winning, it's about fun What's that? Fun is when you, fun is, it's like, it's kind of Sort of like a, what is fun? I Let me spell it for you F is for friends who do stuff together U is for you and me N is for anywhere and anytime at all Down here in the deep blue sea F is for fire that burns down the whole town U is for uranium, bombs N is for no survivors when you Plankton those ...a slang term for posting or engaging with sexual posts on your main social media account, rather than a secondary one that you’d usually use for that purpose. the phrased spawned on tumblr, after ted cruz liked a vore drawing on his main, verified account. “real men don’t wait until 4am to get on main” “@_____ y’all nasty”Depending on the inflection of your voice, or the actual event described, the slang term "How Fun" maintains two polar opposite meanings. The object of conversation may have been or will be really fun. If there is a hint of sarcasm in the voice or if the event is known to be generally dull, such as: I stayed at home all day and did laundry, "How Fun" would mean "bummer" or "how boring".When someone is going to do something really stupid, useless, or annoying, or if you are jealous that someone is getting to do something you're not, it is a put-down. See whatever.Slang word for womens breast. Such as , , hotters and so on.A way of describing the girl you really like, either to said girl or your friends, without hinting too much. Either used by shy men who have a hard time admitting they really like someone or describing the girl you like to your friend that proclaims himself the matchmaker or love finder (yes, this is a stereotyped friend that every bro has, you may even be this person - if so, you have learned ...A girl that is typically somewhat attractive that men like to have fun with but never intend on marrying. These women usually a side piece on ok with title because they think they're a bad B. A fun girl can be spotted by browsing insta and viewing pictures. These women typically have a lot of pictures showing their butt and other body parts that might attract a male suitor.Toll free: (833) 76-URBAN; 0; Urban Dictionary The Game. 115 customer reviews on Amazon. $20.00. A fun party game based on definitions from Urban Dictionary. Fularious Street Slang Defined (2005 book) $5.00. Donkey Punch. $12.00. 10" high plush doll.Since 1999, when UrbanDictionary.com was founded, the web-based tome has become Internet de rigueur for cybernerds in need of a crash course on the latest cultural slang. At the end of 2012, the ...
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