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te deum : The Te Deum (from its incipit, Te deum laudamus "Thee, O , we praise") is a Latin Christian hymn composed in the 4th century. It is one of the core hymns of the Ambrosian hymnal, which spread throughout the Latin Church with the Milanese Rite in the 6th to 8th centuries, and is sometimes known as "the Ambrosian Hymn", even though authorship by Saint Ambrose is unlikely.Le Te Deum en chant grégorien par la Schola Bellarmina, extrait du volume 13 de l'intégrale de chant grégorien, disponible sur www.chant-gregorien.com Vous pouvez écouter d'autres extraits sur ...Te Deum laudamus: Te Deum laudamus, (Latin: “, We Praise You”, ) Latin hymn to the Father and Christ the Son, traditionally sung on occasions of public rejoicing. According to legend, it was improvised antiphonally by St. Ambrose and St. Augustine at the latter’s baptism. It has more plausibly been attributedTe Deum, also sometimes called the Ambrosian Hymn because of its association with St. Ambrose, is a traditional hymn of joy and thanksgiving. First attributed to Sts. Ambrose, Augustine, or Hilary, it is now accredited to Nicetas, Bishop of Remesiana; (4th century).The Te Deum is, in essence, a very ancient liturgical poem, and like many poems it has been put to music very effectively by some of the greatest composers, from Mozart and Verdi to Dvorak and ...Define Te Deum. Te Deum synonyms, Te Deum pronunciation, Te Deum translation, English dictionary definition of Te Deum. n. A hymn of praise to sung as part of a Christian liturgy. n 1. an ancient Latin hymn in rhythmic prose, sung or recited at matins in the Roman...Bruckner started work on his Te Deum from 3 to 17 May 1881, when he was finalising his Symphony No. 6. After finishing his next Symphony No. 7, Bruckner resumed work on his Te Deum on 28 September 1883. The vocal and orchestral score was completed on 7 March 1884. The ad lib. organ part was added on a separate score on 16 March 1884.The hymn Te Deum is a moving tribute to in His triune majesty. Its authorship has been traditionally attributed to Saints Ambrose (it has often been called an Ambrosian Hymn) and Augustine from the latter part of the 4th century.Te Deum is a choral arts organization comprised of two ensembles: Chamber Choir, which performs a diverse sacred choral repertoire in a uniquely relevant context while creating a musically inspiring, spiritually stirring experience; and Antiqua, which provides Kansas City with a highly skilled ensemble dedicated to historically informed ...The Te Deum is a Christian hymn. Its original text was Latin. It is named after the first few words, Te Deum laudamus (We praise thee, O Lord). It was probably written around the 4th or 5th century. Most say that either Augustine of Hippo or Ambrose wrote it. Some say it was by Nicetas, bishop of Remesiana.
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