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loan shark wikipedia : A loan shark is a person who offers loans at extremely high interest rates, has strict terms of collection upon failure, and operates outside off the street (outside of local authority). The term usually refers to illegal activity, but may also refer to predatory lending with extremely high interest rates such as payday or title loans."Loan Shark," while nothing special, could have been a lot worse." Film critic Dennis Schwartz panned the film, writing, "A lifeless thriller about an ex-convict trying to smash a brutal loan-shark racket. Sappy dialogue, an awful plot, and unimaginative directing by Seymour Friedman, make this hardly believable crime story fizzle. The story ...Sarakin (サラ金) is a Japanese term for a legal moneylender who makes unsecured loans at high interest. It is a contraction of the Japanese words for salaryman (サラリーマン, Sararīman) and loan (kin'yu, 金融).An illegal loan shark who goes above legally permitted maximum interest rates is called Yamikin, short for Dark Finance (Yami Kinyu, 闇金融), and many of them lend at 10% ...Write any op ed piece you want about how legal payday loans are just as bad as loan sharking, but for a Wikipedia article to say any legally licensed lender is a loan shark is very clearly wrong. I just find it odd not to have an actual article on loan sharking but instead what amounts to a Daily Beast article on payday/title loans.Ushijima the Loan Shark (闇金ウシジマくん, Yamikin Ushijima-kun) is a Japanese manga series by Shohei Manabe.It won the 56th Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga. It was adapted into a live action television drama series in 2010 and into a live action film in 2012. A second live action film, Ushijima the Loan Shark 2, was released on May 16, 2014.Loan shark (disambiguation) Jump to navigation Jump to search. A loan shark loans money at high interest. Loan shark and Loanshark may also refer to: Loan Shark, 1952 film; Loanshark, 1999 film; Loanshark Blues, a song from the Rory Gallagher album Defender This disambiguation page lists articles ...A loan shark is a person that sells loans with very high interest rates.People go to loan sharks for many reasons. It is often because no one else will lend them money. Loan sharks tend to ask for something beforehand, like someone's passport.The fearsome reputation of the Mafia or similar large gang made the loan shark's threat of violence more credible. Mafia links Origins in "salary buying", 1920-criminalization. Although the reform law was intended to starve the loan sharks into extinction, this species of predatory lender thrived and evolved.From Wikipedia, the free . A loan shark is a person or body that offers unsecured loans at high interest rates to individuals, often backed by blackmail or threats of violence. [1]Throughout history, usury laws made loan sharks commonplace. Many moneylenders skirted between legal and extra-legal activity. In the recent western world, loan sharks have been a feature of the criminal ...Loan Shark: A person or entity that charges borrowers interest above an established legal rate. Depending on where a person lives, lenders typically cannot charge more than 60% interest per annum ...
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